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Storage & Construction Containers at Trinity Recycling

Trinity has added yet another service to their fleet of construction and business support items.

Storage containers.

Shipping containers.

Conex boxes.

How ever you may reference these sturdy and secure metal boxes, they have revolutionized the way business has been, literally, carried out.

Trinity brought this service to the Vail and Roaring Fork Valleys for individuals to Rent, Buy, or Sell.

Give Trinity a call today to see how they can support your business.

The History of the Shipping Container

CONEX containers are one of the most iconic developments in the history of transportation and logistics, as they revolutionized the shipping industry.

The term CONEX is an abbreviation of Container Express, indicating that transport times were cut short by having a single container compatible with multiple means of transport. During the wars in Korea and Vietnam, US troops needed quick methods of ferrying supplies to the soldiers at the front lines.

A unique design known as the CONEX box was developed to overcome this. This box was compatible with the trailers on which they could be carried.

In addition, they had locking mechanisms that could connect adjacent boxes to prevent toppling over during transport. The first model of these intermodal containers was the “Transporter” used in deployment during World War II to ferry supplies to the war front.

The basic design had a 4,000 kg weight limit and was made of corrugated steel to serve as protection.

During the Korean war, containers were modified to store larger quantities of goods without compromising structural integrity. The Vietnam war witnessed larger CONEX boxes being developed that could double up as living quarters during harsh conditions.

What Are CONEX Containers - History, Dimensions, Features And Uses (

Could your business benefit from a storage container?

Probably, yes!

The Vail Valley & Roaring Fork Valley house businesses from farmers to hospitals and everything in between. At Trinity, we see the importance of keeping your equipment and materials safe.

Here are some uses for storage containers:

Farms- secure, weather tight storage

Schools- temporary building or storage space

Hospitals- secure storage of sensitive equipment and documents

Construction- on site offices, building material and equipment storage.

What else could you think of to use these boxes for?

Call us and let us know how storage containers could help you out!


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