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We pay ca$h: 

  • Copper

  • Aluminum

  • Brass

  • Steel 

  • Iron

  • Stainless Steel


Don't Trash it, Cash it!

We Buy all kinds of Scrap Metal

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Washing Machine Interior
Junk Yard

Scrap Metal

Recycling scrap metal is a financially intelligent move for your business and the environment.


Take comfort in doing the positive thing with the Trinity Recycling team.

Scrap Meal

1. Bring your scrap metal to our Gypsum location 

  • Load up your car, pickup truck, or trailer with scrap metal and bring it to us.

  • Try to keep any aluminumcopper, or brass sorted out for more money (it helps to use buckets, boxes, bins, or totes to keep these metals sorted out).

2. Weigh and Unload 

  • For most loads of steel and other large or heavy loads, we have truck scales where you can weigh in, go unload, and then weigh out.

  • We pay you on the net weight that’s unloaded.

  • We have smaller platform scales for weighing aluminumcopper, and brass or small quantities of other metals.

  • Our staff members will inspect your load and direct you where to go.

  • We have heavy equipment and operators available to help unload larger trailer loads.

  • Our staff members are available to help unload smaller loads by hand if needed.

3. Get Paid

  • We pay you immediately upon weighing and unloading (you’ll need a valid photo ID).

  • Our facilities offer cash, but you can receive a check if you prefer.

  • Getting weighed, unloaded, and paid at our yards usually takes less than 15 minutes.

Call us for current pricing.

Can’t bring it to us? 

Call us to see if we can arrange a pick up


We Buy junk Cars

Selling and recycling your junk car to Trinity is fast and easy. You can bring it to us, or we can arrange to have it picked up if it’s within our service area. tow fee will be deducted from value of the vehicle.


Here’s a quick checklist to follow:

  1. You’ll need the vehicle title & a valid photo ID issued within the U.S.

  2. Make sure you can read a good VIN on the car. The VIN on the dash should match the VIN inside the driver doorjamb.

  3. Call us for a price quote.

  4. No need to drain any fuel, oil, or fluids. We properly recycle or dispose of them at our facilities.

  5. No need to remove tires, seats, glass or anything else from the car. We accept and purchase everything that is original to the car, but no added tires or waste.

  6. Clean out all personal belongings and any added or excess waste.

  7. If you bring your car to us, then we’ll weigh it on our certified truck scales and pay you a fair market price per pound immediately. This usually takes less than 15 minutes including all paperwork.

  8. If you want us to pick up your car, then we’ll estimate the scrap metal value, and the tow truck driver will pay you cash immediately upon pick up. We can usually arrange same day or next day towing service.

How to Scrap
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